Evil fox

We will be discussing about firefox extensions which can assist the security professionals and pentesters during security assessment. It really feels  like firefox is on steroids.

Cookie manager

Play with the cookies.

cookie manager plus

DNS Queries.com tester

DNS queries

Foxy proxy

Easily switch between multiple proxies and settings.

foxy proxy


Take a full web page screenshot. Useful for reporting.

full web page screenshot

Hack bar

Stored scripts to test for code Injection and execute it right away.


Passive recon

Results from multiple recon tools bundled in one.

passive recon

Show IP

This one works better in google. Each site you browse, you get the information about the website right away. Information includes – IP address, location, IP blacklisted, who is result etc.

Show IP

URL Flipper

Change the URL parameters and get the response.

URL flipper

User Agent Swicher

Mask yourself and check how the website responds to different user agents.

User agent swicher


It’s really cool to know what he website uses. Let’s check for soft targets.


Web Site Plus

A few more testing tricks bundled together.

website + test tools


Preloaded with scripts to test for forms which may have XSS vulnerability present. We can add custom scripts as well to match our needs.

XS me


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