Web for pentesters – Getting started

If You need to learn penetration testing you need to know what vulnerabilities you will search for and how will that look. I assume that you have done some homework and know OWASP top 10. I will give an overview on how to set up a virtual test environment and getting started with it.


  • Virtual Box
  • ISO image for web for pentesters

STEP 1: Installing the VBox

Search for VBOX and install it, pretty straight forward.


STEP 2: Getting the web for pentesters

Download the vulnerable image from the below link.


web for pt

STEP 3: Installing web for pentesters on VBox



STEP 4: Accessing it


Now that U have the IP address, try accessing this IP address from your browser and u will c the home screen. In case u don’t c anything, try changing the network settings of the VBOX(refer step 3 -> left side Network tab)

NOTE: Now u r geared up for exploiting it. I will be sharing the solutions in subsequent articles..stay tuned.  Happy hacking .. !!!


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